Maria Gabunea

Maria Gabunea (born Mazilu) passed away January 27, 2023.  She was born in 1922 in Bucharest, Romania.

Maria worked as an accountant in Romania and married Alfred Gabunea, a lawyer, in 1946.  She had one daughter, Roxana Gabunea.

Roxana emigrated to US in 1971 and later brought her parents to US.  Maria’s husband passed away and she lived with her daughter until 2018.  In US Maria worked in child care and also taught the German language.  Maria was a great cook and taught her daughter how to become one as well.  She helped her daughter with the management of Roxana’s elderly care business where she showed a lot of empathy to the residents.

The last years of her life were spent in the retirement home of one of Roxana’s friends.